Mc-700 and XPA-5 vs AVR for 5.1 install


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I'm in the process of building a home theater system for our basement and am trying to decide on a receiver or pre/pro and amp combo. I'm considering going for an MC-700 and an XPA-5 amplifier versus going for an AVR with more bells and whistles and more channels but way less power.

Since good-quality in-walls are expensive I decided I'd rather have a solid 5.1/5.2 system than a lackluster 7.2.4 setup. It will be used for probably 60% movies and 40% stereo/multichannel music in a roughly 5000 cubic foot (16'x30'x11') open-concept rec room space.

Speakers: Def-Tech RLS II x2 (L/R), RSS II x2 (side/rear) and a single RCS II x1 (center).
Sub(s): undecided. RLS Speedwoofer 10s x2 (not ordered yet)
Projector: Epson 5030ube
Screen: Silver Ticket 135" fixed white

Given the large room size is it worth it to spring for the extra power and fewer features or will I be more than happy with a single-box solution? If the latter, what would you recommend as an AVR with decent power output for this application?


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