Maybe RCE isn't all that BAD?

Discussion in 'Movie Forum' started by LV426, Mar 18, 2001.

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    I have an old Pioneer 505. It is NOT region free (they never were). It is pure manual region-selectable. That is, it is always just one region - but you can change it whenever you like. So, I guess that, when it's set to R2, its just an R2 player, right?

    As an R2 (only) player it WILL play Charlie's Angels. It goes like this.....

    Normally a R1 disc is ejected immediately and there's now't you can do with it. Not so, Charlies Angels. It plays that lovely MAP.

    So, you CAN get the disc to stay in the player. Now, don't allow the disc to load. Press "stop" until it stops. Then just search for time = 0.10 (10 seconds) and lo! - the film starts, 10 seconds in. You can then press "menu" to get......the menu. And hence access the entire disc contents.

    Wonder if this works on other R2-only players?

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