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So I have an old Panasonic Plasma and while I cannot fault the picture quality the TV's smart apps are quite frankly total rubbish. I use a PS4 now for most of this however I am lazy and find it annoying to have to turn on another device to be able to use smart apps.

So I am in the market for a new TV potentially.

The TV would be for a bedroom where there is always ambient light on. Though never bright.

I am thinking 55" which is a small size upgrade form the 50" plasma and fits in budget.

Viewing angles I can't see being a problem because I am generally head on to the TV.

So after looking at reviews and current guides I have come to widely different conclusions.

Max budget is bumping on the £1,000 mark and I have narrowed it down a bit.


A choice between the Philips 705. (I like the idea of ambilight but I guess it might be gimmicky. Android is nice (does it do chromecast as well?)

LG BX - It has been reduced to the £1,000 mark and seems like a good panel?

LCD - Hisense U8QF because it has been massively reduced to £600 which to be honest seems like a lot of TV for a little price?

I intend to use 4K netflix, Amazon Prime, Iplayer, NOWTV HDR content might be used though up until now I haven't used it because I couldn't.

So the questions I have other than the above -

Smart apps that I can't update or become useless after 3 years will annoy me. A picture quality significantly worse than the plasma will annoy me probably if I can see it.

I will watch sports though not much only national football games.

Most content will be catchup generally won't be used for live content.

As per everyone I am looking ideally for an upgrade that I won't be disappointed with.

I have considered a Nvidia shield or some such external box to improve apps on the plasma but that is what the PS4 is doing and even then I can't use 4K.

Thanks for all your wise advice.


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Checked and the 705 supports chromcast so that might have made my decision. I just wonder about the LG

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