may have problem/ settings help needed



hi guys

not sure if this is to do with my toshiba 42wp16 or my arcam dv88+

on my plasma the settings for pal and ntsc can have different picture settings? or used to be

i have been trying out today new picture settings when i notices on pal i can adjust the tint? never have been abled to do this before and the manual states you cant,

before it use to be grayed out on pal disks so you could not adjust it.

thinking this was weird i treid setting pal picture settings and ntsc to different settings ie +10 contrast for pal then put a ntsc disk in and change that picture setting(follow me)

but they are both same as each other , i adjust one it affects the other.:( :( :( :( :(

i have recently upgraded the firm ware on my arcam dv88+ to 4.18

it is selected as auto so is putting out 525p for ntsc and 625p for pal.

please could someone tell me what settings to put into arcam maybe the firmware changed something

in the progressive menu it say off/ auto 525/ or 625 525? what should i have it on

i have a feeling its converting something? but then my tv showing the signal as 626p for pal and 525p for ntsc?

i have auto selected as tv type?

any help would be great as i`m stumped.

anyone with a toshiba/panny 4 series could try thers for me with pal disk and see if tint is adjustable?

ps. and what black thingy should it be on 0 or 7.5
jmack I'll try to help but you are making me confused as well!

On my Panny 4-series, TINT is adjustable with a PAL disc. And my manual states it can only be adjusted for NTSC. I can't remember if this was always possible or not.

Note that I have a DV88+ with, I believe, version 4.12!

On the DV88+ I have the TV system set to AUTO, Progressive ON, and NTSC set to 7.5 IRE (the manual syes to do this- although when I checked mine it was set to O IRE, Japan! I never set it to that, it was like that when it came back from a repair in November!)

I haven't tried any NTSC discs yet, couldn't be bothered right now....

Let me know if you want me to do any other tests.
cheers mate,

does your panny/toshiba remember different picture settings for ntsc and pal.

i`m sure mine used too, maybe i`m going mad,

thanks for help.
I'll try that test when I get back from work later.
Okay, I tried it out. The Plasma transfers the "TINT" settings for PAL to NTSC and vice versa. But shouldn't that be the case? The signals are all coming through the component connections. As I understand it, the plasma has different settings for each of its inputs - PC (the 15-pin VGA connection), Component (the three separate component leads) and AV (a composite video lead).

So it wouldn't really differentiate between NTSC and PAL. Sure, it can accept both those signals. But they both enter the plasma via the same input connection, for which the plasma has one group of settings stored.

On reading the Panny plasma maual again, it says that "colour", "tint" and "sharpness" cannot be adjusted for "RGB and PC input signals". So they cannot be adjusted for anything via the VGA 15-pin input. Okay, I checked it out, that is correct for my plasma. But RGB signal - well I assume you will be doing the same as me, that is your plasma is set for "Component" rather than "RGB". This would allow "TINT" to be adjusted because the signal coming from the DV88+, whether it be PAL or NTSC, is not an R-G-B signal but rather Pr-Pb-Y (look at the diagram on page 4 of your DV88+ manual).

I think that TINT was probably always adjustable in this case - maybe your mind is "playing tricks" on you and you are now convinced that wasn't the case!

Anyway, jmack I am but a humble person who is way out of his depth here! I hope this makes sense to you, if not, I am sure there are some others on this forum who have a clearer understanding than you or I.

Hope this helps.:hiya:

i have tried different size/pos settings for pal and ntsc and they are remembered seperate from each other.

maybe i was getting confused with this.

thanks for testing it out for me

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