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May 09 Voting

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:rotfl: One or two entries more than usual this month!! :rotfl:

Thumbnail page is HERE to quickly check you haven't missed any entries :cool:

As always a huge thank you to our sponsors for the prizes on offer HERE :hiya:

The closing date for votes will be shown at the top of the poll and don't forget that all votes are public so no voting for yourself :nono:

Also if you have entered a picture then you are expected to vote, else all votes accrued by you will be disallowed :lesson:

The last forums update now allows guests to also vote and obviously this doesn't log a user name against the vote.
For any other poll this wouldn't be an issue but as we don't allow forum members to vote for themselves in the competition then I'm having to treat the fact that guests can vote a little differently!
Therefore can I ask that if you are already a member of AVF to please log in before voting, to those who lurk on the forums and wish to vote then please feel free to register before voting, registration is free and you'll be joining an invaluable and fantastic community.

To that end, any instances of guest voting will be discounted, sorry.

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Well-known Member
Some really great entries this month....was a close call between Biscuit, Toneless, Biffa, Pinnochio and Garf. Voted for Biffa as the image is simple and very effective.



Active Member
I haven't voted yet... is it just me or do there appear to be a load of photos missing from the thumbnail page???:confused:


Well-known Member
Well once again I voted for the photo I was most jealous of. In that I would really like to have it on my flickr. "A window into geometry" by tapzilla2k is just my kind of photo.

Litch's fantastic capture which really manages to give the insect a personality, very nearly got my vote.
Tobers' bike shot is as good as they come too. Lovely depth of field and balance of focus and motion blur.
Garf's image is a cracker, but in the overall look of the comp - I came down on the side of thinking it looked a little too processed. I do love it though.
The two night-lit over water images from Pinocchio61 and Butch499 are very lovely too.


Active Member
I've gone for Butch499. There were in my opinion some better looking photos, but I didnt feel some of the HDR work fit into the minimul post processing theme.

I love the way the colours have come through on this one...clever use of shutter speed! It's almost like a scene out of a sci-fi movie.


Well seeing as this is a photo comp and there is no theme and minimal processing there are only two contenders Imo.

They are Litch and Tobers.

Great quality photographs,composition,and technical ability.Ive gone for Tobers....Superb!


Well-known Member
Overall, I feel this was a tricky month, both for deciding what to enter, and in picking what to vote for. I really think that having 'no theme' makes it clear that a theme is important to the competition.

Also, I do try to comment on every entry each month, but didn't get round to everyone this month, due to the sheer number coming in over the last few days, so if I missed yours, my apologies..

Anyway, on to my pick. Lots of variety this month, and some very good entries. There are quite a few standouts for me, including:

Pinocchio61 - Great lighting and perspective.

AVTEZ59 and Antpink for both catching a great, natural moment.

Butch499 - Lovely reflections, colours and lights.

Tryingtimes - great colour and symmetry.

Litch - again, lovely colour and very well seen.

bluesilver - Great action shot, and the pano works well.

Tobers - excellent action shot - very professional looking result.

I went for Litch in the end - cracking photo.. :thumbsup:

Finally, thanks to those who have voted for me - much appreciated.


Well-known Member
Went for Garf, really nice shot - poster quality in my opinion

Pinnochio nearly got it, sorry.

Loads of good entries, Tobers, was a good one as well, bet there would have been loads of 10's in photo club comps from what I hear of them.



Distinguished Member
The 'No Theme' theme made it hard to decide on a winner. But went for Noggin coz those things are famously hard to get and it's a very good shot.


Active Member
Lordie, this is a hard one to decide. For me, this month's lack of theme was all about that spontaneous "that really works" moment, so while there are some technically excellent shots here, that might win a themed month, for me it came down to a few - Litch, Garf, psenior1, Avtez59 and Noggin1980 (maybe more than a few - but with 44 entries, that's a ruthless culling).

In the end electrolyte's was the one I simply liked the most - great composition, made me smile, interesting colours - all the things you look for in a lasting image.

Excellent work by all!


Well-known Member
Once again some excellent shots and as it was a ''No Theme'' more then usual entrants,so it has made voting very difficult.

When I saw Butch449,I thought thats the one for me but then Litch entered his ''Little Adventurer'' and even the title made me smile, so for me it's ''Little Adventurer''.

Well done to every one who entered and better luck next time to us all:D


Distinguished Member
Big turnout this month, lots of photograhers coming out the woodwork, very refreshing and nice to see some new styles of photography:thumbsup:
Too many good ones to comment on, but soon as i saw the little adventurer i knew no what other entries came in, that was getting my vote, superb photograph and the perfect title, well done:smashin:


Active Member
Plenty of entries this month and the variety has had me thinking about my vote for the last couple of days. For me it comes down to a choice between Garf, Butch499, Litch, Tobers and Biscuit761. All great photographs for very different reasons.

In the end I've gone for Litch as it's a beautiful photograph with an extra story telling element to it. Really nice.



Well-known Member
I agree with others who said that having no theme has made it a less interesting month. For me there were 2 stand out shots this month. Butch499 and Litch. Butch's shot was excellent but Litch's just had that little bit extra. So he got my vote.

One thing, whoever wins this month, please could you chose a theme!


Well-known Member
Lots of entries this month, with no theme, hope all of you who entered for the first time continue to do so next month.
I’ve been really busy at work (and home) so haven’t had time to comment on many (any!).

Anyway, some of my favourites:
Garf: Simple but yet so effective.
SprocketRocket: great (funny) idea, and it’s worked well.
tapzilla2k: like the square pattern then the windows make with the diagonal staircase showing behind.
Litch: a macro flower picture with a difference.
Nitelife: great minimalism.
vulkan75: Great effort, seen it before and wanted to try myself, but haven’t got round to it.
Tobers: Good capture, blurred background, with the front of the bike nice and sharp, but with a sense of speed showing on the back of the bike.

In the end I went with……….. Litch



Distinguished Member
Just browsing through the thumbs trying to decide where to put my vote, and the poll closed on me. Much the same as my attempt to get an entry in.

Wouldn't have made a difference to the winner, which was well deserved. But I would have gone for Garf - A simple shot that I'd be happy to have on my wall :smashin:


Well done to Litch :thumbsup:

I'll tidy the forum up in preparation of the next one, just waiting for him to get back to me with the theme :)


Well-known Member
Nice one Litch, a well deserved win.:thumbsup: I look forward to this months theme.

Thanks again for my votes this month.

Also, thanks to Zone for continuing to run the comp each month :smashin:


Active Member
Well done Litch, was almost my fave but a deserved winner nonetheless. :smashin:

... and with my first entry I got joint third place :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

I'm pleased with that!!


Active Member
well done Litch, great shot. Many congratulations:thumbsup:

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