Maxtor STM3500320AS windows 7 hdd failed


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Turned on pc today and getting the
HDD failure warning.

Running win 7 64bit

The hdd in question is a maxtor 500gb which has no OS on it. Purely for storage.
I ran seatools and its also saying faulty.

i have also tried CHKDSK but it says no errors

Does this mean this HDD is about to go?
Anything else i can try? can still view files etc but currently backing everything up just in case

Any suggestions?



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I've had 3 drives fail on me this year. Either been really unlucky or my PC is somehow killing them. Anyway, soon as I noticed a problem, I used the manufacturers disk scanning software and if that reports a problem I consider the disk duff.
With my last faulty disk, i managed to wipe it, did a full format and after that Windows didn't report any bad sectors. I started copying a iso file onto it and it failed with an error, so just because Windows says there are no problem, don't always believe it!
I'd advise after you copy everything off to do a secure wipe and then get it swapped if its still under warranty.


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Used the manufacture program and it stated faulty and took me to the warranty checker.
Turns out its no longer in warranty!. This hdd originally failed before and Seagate did a free data recovery and sent out a new one.

Now the same problem but its out of warranty now.
And now it doesn't even appear in windows. Lucky i backed up

Its dead now.


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Lucky indeed!
Good job we do backups :) I'm constantly running synctoy.

I think the warranties on drives now are shorter than they used to be. Doesn't help that we have fewer manufacturers as well.

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