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Maximum screen size for room. Can you go over?


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I'm looking at getting a projector but unsure of which size projector screen to get.

When looking to get my TV a couple of years ago I found the biggest screen i should go for is 47" according to some guides on the net. I went for 32" in the end because of the price of tv's in them days.

What happens if you go over this screen size? Does it cause eye strain or is the maximum screen size guides just there to stop you buying a tv that looks to big for the room?

I'm looking to get something like the acer h5360 which will give me about a 56-86" image screen depending where i put it and i will be viewing it from around 2 metres. Will this be ok?

p.s. Just thought i would add that it will mainly be used for games from the ps3 so will be 720p.
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They are guidelines only. Some are based on what is comfortable to look at over an extended period of time, others are based on the ability to distinguise the difference between HD and SD material.

I usually advice people to use the advices, say 47" for you and get a size bigger like 50", because you will often be left behind with the impression if I only had gone a little bit bigger it would be perfect.

Then again it is up to personal preferences, I for one love a huge picture, others might prefer a smaller one.


Peter Parker

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There's a difference between a direct view tv which is generally very bright and can be viewed in normal viewing conditions (lights on etc), and a projector which has to be viewed in a dark room (ideally). If you look at a small bright image in a dark room it can cause eye strain, but with a projector which is usually around a third as bright, it's much easier on the eye, plus it takes up a much larger field of view, and that makes a difference too.

If you enjoy the cinema experience, then you can try and replicate that at home - with an equivalent sized screen in respect to how far back you sit.

With a tv that was low res, you had to sit quite far back otherwise you'd see the lines that made up the tv image. With 1080 projectors, you can sit as close as you do in a commercial theatre with HD material. See the THX website for some recommendations:

HDTV Set Up « THX.com

You can sit a lot closer than you think. :)



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Thanks for your answers.

I brought the 32" wishing i had gone for a bigger screen but couldnt afford it.

I think i will have to see how it goes. 2 days until pay day and then i will be placing a order for my first projector :). Can't wait!

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