Maximum range of Mobile Phone Mast?

As the title says, here are the specs..

Type: Macrocell
Antenna Height: 16.3 M
Frequency Range: 400MHZ
Transmitter Power: 21dBW
Maximum Licensed Power: 25dBW
Type of Transmission: TETRA

Pack Dude

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Depending on the lay of the land and so on. Ten miles plus.

BTW the range of that transmitter/antenna will be much greater than a mobile phone.


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Is someone you live close to getting one on their roof?Curious as to why you'd want to know?
checking to see if I can get reception, also what is this TETRA?...
(Te)rrestrial (T)runked (Ra)dio ... it's designed for emergency services / military / industry communications.

So I don't think it's a mobile phone mast ;)


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it aint too good living very close to one either!

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