Maximum Length of VGA to VGA Cable


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I'm in the midst of putting together my MCE system and the LCD TV I wish to display MCE on is approximately 13m away from my PC. I intend to run suitable cabling this distance and solder a couple of D-Sub connectors on each end (need to do this as the cabling will run under floors and in walls).

Does anyone have any experience of a similar installation and if 13m of cabling will still maintain a clear picture, I dont want to install it all and find that the picture ghosts etc etc.

I'll be using a XFX 6600GT Graphics card if it makes any difference.

Thanks in advance :)

Dan L

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You will need to splash out for a decent cable for that sort of length, a cheap one will give poor results.

Another alternative (and one which I use) is to buy/make a properly shielded cable made from CAT5 STP cable. Will be a lot cheaper and will give great results for a 13m run.


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Thanks Dan :)

Just so I have got this straight I can make a suitable cable using shielded CAT 5 cabling. As most CAT 5 is 4 pair Im assuming that I'd have to run 2 cables in parallel then split them at each end on the D-Sub connector (As it has 15 pins - 2 x 4pair x 2 cables=16 cores).


I had a similar install to what you are planning but on a 17m run. Same as you didn't want bloody great holes through the wall and couldn't find an easy way of doing the D-Sub connecter, so I simply cut the cable and delicately reconnected them all together, :eek: worked a treat with no loss in signal quality at all.

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