Maximum cable length?


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Hi guys,

I am awaiting delivery of a SVS PB13 Ultra, upgrading from a MJ Acoustics Pro150 :thumbsup:

However, as the SVS is, shall we say, a little on the large side:), I will need to rehouse the sub in the only place where it will go without looking out of place; ie in the opposite corner of the room to my amp. I have worked out that I will need a fairly long cable run (15 metres) and was thinking about Mark Grant's Canare LV77S as a suitable quality cable.

Is 15m too long a run for a sub or is this not something i should worry about? I have googled the internet on this and get conflicting advice:confused:




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15m should be fine, just make sure the cable is a good quality screened one. We use Canare sometime and its good stuff so no worries.


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