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How is it people, that in the land of DVD players costing from £29.99 (At Argos as a normal purchase, not in the sale) and right up to the likes of Krell at many £1000's we have a Maxim DVD player that was sold by Sky for £25.00 and which I bought as a result of returning to this forum after many years in AV wilderness, how come then that this diminutive little beast has progressive scan (PAL and NTSC I think) and is multi region straight out of the box. Also Dolby Digital and DTS decoders built in all for £25.00. Surely the performance will be cr...p, happy to report no such thing. Hooked up to my Hitachi PM 400E plasma watching the lion king I was gobsmacked and DTS, WOW. How can they produce such an item for such a price? Was about to buy another one and they have sold out, what a bummer!


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Bought one myself. I've not even tried progressive yet but surfing around the web I found out that sunplus who make the dvd decoding processor are more famous for speaking teddy bears and other toys. This is there first venture into dvd chips I believe. Whats more its progressive function is licensed from silion image. Something like a SIL 503 is embedded in the main core. The same de-interlacing chip technology as fitted to quite a few Denons.

No one's saying its equal to a Denon but its a surprisingly competent little player.

By the way the code to get into the secret menu is 9735 just in case you need to change to region 1 to get a rce dvd to run in the future.

I've tried various dvds and no layer change pause.

I've tried the Matrix (just the beginning of the 'follow the white rabbit' seamless branching feature) and no problems.

The only annoyance is no optical out. You only get coaxial.

Surely the best value dvd player yet. Packed with features, excellent performance.

One negative though is it wouldn't play my region 2/4 version of Jurassic Park 3 it just came up with vcd on screen and stopped. No other problems. But I always seem to have one dvd that won't play on a certain dvd player.

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