MAXIM 32" LCD TV Model: 11-57 - connecting PS3 via HDMI/DVI port PLEASE HELP!


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I picked up this TV for around £100 a few months back, it's HD Ready with a resolution of 1366 x 768. It's got a nice picture for the price and I'm using it mainly to play games on as I don't play that often and the expensive 40" LCD downstairs is used mainly the HD TV and Blu ray playback.

However, the TV only has a DVI port as an input, no HDMI. So, to get around this I have a DVI>HDMI adapter, which turns to the DVI port into a HDMI input (I can then set HDMI output on both my consoles). As DVI only gives me video I have the audio distributed via the optical connection on my consoles and have them plugged into my speaker set.

I already have my Xbox 360 plugged in without any problems. The 360 recognises the DVI connection and I can then set the resolution to 1280 x 768 and it works flawlessly. Any higher and it seems to have a little flicker and 1280 x 720 seems to flicker also.

However, the PS3 will only allow me to select 480, 720p, 1080i and 1080p in the options for HDMI, and neither have been successful. I don't even get a picture on the lowest setting. 1280 x 720 would at least show up on the 360 even if it did flicker, so I am confused as to why 720p would not show up on the PS3? :rolleyes:. Therefore, I am stuck with the standard AV/SCART at the moment, and the picture is very poor quality in comparison.

I have tried numerous times manually resetting the display options by holding the power button when it starts up on the PS3. However, it defaults to the AV/SCART connection. I have also tried using my other 40" HDTV downstairs to enable the HDMI settings and then tested whether the picture would show as I cannot set them on this TV without a picture. This took about 6 attempts trawling the PS3 up and down the stairs to test.

Is there a way of manually setting the resolution on the PS3 or on my TV to enable it to be compatible? I think this is the solution as manually setting it through the Xbox 360 made all the difference.

I hope this query is in the right thread. I have posted in both hoping someone will have a solution. I fear it is my TV that needs some options changing as well as the PS3 itself.

Please help :lease:

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