Maxell DVD-R discs and Panasonic DMR-EH50 Recorder problems!


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Hi All,

I'm afraid I have a new set of problems, and would appreciate any help or advice that any of you more seasoned Forum members can offer me, please. :thumbsup:

I own a Panny DMR-EH50 DVD Recorder, Multi-Region, bought in the UK about 5 years ago, from Richer Sounds, Birmingham. Great machine, always dependable. :)

For the past five years, I've been using Maxell DVD-R discs in it, with this kind of packaging, from an online company called DVD-& The site and the discs they've supplied, have always been fantastic.

I ordered 50 more of the same discs, but although they supplied the correct items, the packaging is now like this.

Now, as far as I can tell, the discs are identical to my older ones. However, my DVD recorder is rejecting them outright, whenever I try and transfer recordings from the recorder's HDD to a blank DVD.

The recording completes, and then right at the very end, it spins the disc a couple of times, before delivering an error message, that simply says:

"ERROR! There is a problem with the disc!".

The disc has clearly been written to, but it's now unreadable.

I've tried looking for new Panasonic Firmware, but can't find anything, and I can't see anything in the DVD recorder's menu's as to how to locate what firmware it's currently using.

I've contacted DVD-&, and they've asked me to send them an unused and used DVD from my order, plus all of the details about my DVD Recorder, and they will investigate the matter. :(

1) Can you update the Firmware on this particular machine?
2) If so, how?
3) How do I find out what Firmware it's already got?
4) What is the likely cause for the discs to be failing? It's not my machine, as it copies to other kinds of -R discs, so... :confused:

Right now, I'm stuck with 47 blank discs that are unuseable, and I have no idea what to do. Any help, greatly appreciated, as my HDD is filling up rapidly, and I'm about to run out of space any day now! :(



Simply - it's the discs that are the problem.

Brand is no guide to disc quality.
Manufacturer is what matters and brands chop and change their suppliers as you have found.

Pending the results with your disc supplier, to get reliable results with your machine, ideally you should use discs made by the Taiyo Yuden factory in Japan which has the best reputation in the world.

JVC Media recently took over the branding from this factory so look for JVC media.

More info here.

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