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For almost a year I haven't been happy with my Home Theatre (Sony HTSF 1300) because I could never hear speech clearly but background music was loud and would often muffle the voice. I took it down to the fact that it was room acoustics. This morning one of my goldfish died, the bowl was next to a speaker and I thought I better move it before the others die, so in the process of moving the bowl I noticed that the centre speaker was not connected to the AMP. I forgot to connect it. I connected it and all I can say is: :eek:

I didn't realise that the centre speaker was so crucial. The sound seems so much superior, it's like a brand new system.

Anyway thought I would share my stupidity with everyone.
Its a real shame the solution involved the death of a goldfish.:(
Yes, real sad :(

But worth the cost, I feel :devil: :rolleyes:

Yeah, I guess the little chap didn't die in vain. I bet he was trying to tell his owner about that unattached wire all the time he was in that bowl staring at it.

Oh silly me, they only have a short memory. I mean every time he saw it and before he forgot it. ;)


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Not something I would have publicly owned up to so fair play to you :rotfl:

You do have the consolation that a new goldfish is considerably cheaper than a new system though:thumbsup:


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You think my mess-up was stupid, you should see what my mate did - He attached computer RAM UPSIDE-DOWN and claimed he had 2 GIGS for over 2 years. It was only when I opened it up to attach another HD I notice his stupidity...

Stupidity with technology is rampant in these parts...


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How do you fix memory upside-down :confused:

No worries though, it doesn't matter.

Just goes to show we can all admire a bloke who can hold his hands up and admit to a mistake, however daft.

My old man told me years ago that a person who hasn't made a mistake has never done anything.

Wise words, imo :smashin:


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Before we get carried away and confess to all the stupid things that we've ever done in our lives,(and God knows,I've done some stupid things),perhaps we ought to leave this here.

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