Max sd card size?

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I read somewhere (actually it was here :D ) that the max size sd card recognisable by the wii is only 2Gb?

Can anyone confirm this (i've seen innacuracies on wikipaedia before, and this fact isn't mentioned anywhere else (inc. @ ninty)...which makes me suspicious about its veracity)?

I wouldn't want to buy a 4 or 8gig card and find it doesn't work properly.


P.S. look under the "technical specifications" heading for it in the wiki


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IIRC I've seen it mentioned that the 4Gb+ cards use some sort of compression to gain the extra size and the intended device has to support this....i was thinking of getting a 4Gb for my Nokia N80 but kept my 2Gb instead after being told this!


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To play it safe I have gone with a 2gb card from Amazon. I would assume due to the fact that the firmware within the unit can be upgraded (see system update with US launch) that it could be upgraded post launch.

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Thanx for that......just wanted to make sure :D

2Gb it is then :smashin:


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Can you save a Wii game to a Gamecube memory card ? Or do you have to have a SD card?


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Play it safe and use a 2Gb card. 4Gb standard SD cards should be supported as it's a new device so should use FAT32 but 4Gb cards can be fussy about what device they work on. I don't think the Wii can read SDHC cards which are available as 4Gb or 8Gb.

Apparently it can read external USB drives, someone reckons they've got a 300Gb connected up and working

That would be great :thumbsup: I just hope it's true.

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