Max Payne movie

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Sorry if posted, just seen this advertised on my Xbox Dashboard.

Max Payne, Novemeber 14th. Didn't realise it was almost here.

What are your thoughts?

Another game tie-in flop I'm thinking. Probably give it a miss asd I hate going to see films in the cinema that aren't good then I kick myself for not seeing something else. I could be totally wrong though.


p.s. If you have Live you can download a free theme and gamerpics on the marketplace :smashin:


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Not one of the bad game movies but not a good movie. Old plot that we've seen before loads before, nothing new. I'm guessing that they'd like to think that this is some sort of cross between Jacobs Ladder and something else but it's not and I was bored an hour in. There's the usual "twist" that's seriously of no suprise and it's just a case of when it is revealed.

Nice try but no cigar.

Solomon Grundy

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Trailer looks interesting, I enjoyed Hitman so I'll go and watch it.
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