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Dec 4, 2002
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I'm getting a Sky minidish installed at the back of our property because we are in a conservation area. Trouble is, this increases the cable run to the Sky+ box to about 20m. The Sky guys said that I _might_ get some signal degradation. Is this likely? Can I buy some sort of booster to minimise this?
I don't knoww the answer to your question, but apparantly Sky charge extra for long cable runs. I can't remember what that distance is from, but if they've not mentioned it to you I doubt your 20m is significant.
20m is no prob
i have installed between 30 and 40m on a 43cm dish with 75db at the receiver and up to 100m with a 80cm and line amp
as long as the installer peakes the dish to max you wont have a problem
Actually, 20m is right on the limit for the "shotgun" CT63 cable that Sky use for SKY+ installations. I would press them to use two runs of CT100 cable instead, just to make sure. CT63 will probably be OK but why risk "rain dropout".

You can compare the cable losses here.
Will the crew carry this CT100 cable in the van or should I ring ahead and get them to bring it.

Thanks for all the replies.
I wouldnt use runs of more than 50m with ctu100 , 20m will be fine , I never use the shotgun type cable , crap imo.

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