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Saxo Appeal

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With the Mavic 3 now fully released into the wild, the expectations were astronomical considering the Mavic 2 Pro was a beast (and still is).

I have found a fair few points which has led me to cancel my order, and watch how DJI update this Drone in the future, but for now its a definite no!

  • A lot (lot) of functions are not available till 2022
  • It uses the DJI Fly App which is limited compared to the Go 4 App functions
  • The cost is considerably high
  • The controller with Mavic 3 is a cheap plastic unit compared to the controller supplied with Mavic 2 Pro, which was a lot more informative with a display, this is obviously pushing consumers to buy the new Pro RC.
  • The new Lens coating displays some really bad green dots when shooting videos/photos around the sun, no way of a fix for this.
  • No waypoints
  • The weight category changing it to a C1 (Sub A1), once they find out how to mark it (if it ever happens), won't happen until now Jan 2023+, so a whole year to wait.
Still wondering what other issues arise with this…

The only thing I can see good with the drone, at this present time, is better flight time and bigger sensor, but do you really need 5.1k when you have 4k with the Mavic 2 pro?


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I’ve got a MA2 and I’m more than happy with it , DJI do seem too be shooting themes in the feet lately , look at the FPV they released , completely against all the benefits of FPV 🤦‍♂️

Bruce C

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I was all set to get a Mavic 3, but like you cancelled my order. They released it too early to catch the Christmas season. Much will improve with new firmware I'm sure, but the large camera housing seems more vulnerable to minor crashes. It's a shame, as I use Olympus M4/3 gear, and know what the 4/3 sensors are capable of. I've now ordered an Air 2S. It's 1" sensor seems to produce pretty good results, and it's a very handy size to shove in the camera bag. A bargain in comparison too!

Saxo Appeal

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Yeh I'll leave the Mavic 3 to the buyers with deep pockets and YouTubers

Still can't get over why they never used the Go4 App, seems madness!


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I was initially very excited about this drone given it was a similar size/weight to the Mavic 2 Pro but with the bigger 4/3 sensor as well which seemed great. The price was on the high side but given the high spec not entirely unreasonable.

However I was concerned about the use of DJI Go and the more basic controller while I can understand DJI wanting to standardise on one software platform for all the Mavic drones but I'd expected them to make an advanced version of Fly which they didn't do.

When word came out that core features were missing I didn't believe that could be the case particularly the panorama mode which I use extensively on the M2P but then it turned it that was indeed missing along with a surprising number of features. I was particularly unimpressed how underhanded DJI have been about these missing features as well given they promote some of the missing features on the main page along with a video showing the feature in action with just a small non clickable [10], after a bit of hunting you find in small text right at the bottom it mentions these features are missing and will be added later.

The missing features puts it immediately out of contention but I think I'll be sticking with the M2P anyway.

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