maudio spdif switching problem?


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I have a DIO 2496.

Try to explain this best i can.

when i use winamp with asio output with the maudio control panel for spdif set for audio out this works fine.

If i then quit winamp and play a dvd the spdif control panel automatically changes to non audio and i get DD and DTS with no problems.

If i then quit out of that and run winamp again, the spdif control panel does not switch back to "audio" so i get no sound.

I either have to manually swicth it back, or if i make windows make a sound that will switch it back.

Is there any way of fixing this so i can just switch between the 2 progs without having to go into the maudio control panel?


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This is how is this meant to work. I noticed the same problem two years ago, repoted it to m-audio and was told it was an intended feature.


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Thanks for that.....

seems like an oversight to me though.

Did you find away round it at all?


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I use Foobar2000 which is a much better player and you should get this problem
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