maudio 2496 with vista


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Think I read somewhere that this card doesnt work with vista..

Just wondering if this is true?


Nope. M-Audio haven't released drivers. :(
I have a Revolution 5.1, they have released Beta drivers (work fine)

Go back to XP.


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Lol, Ive just ordereed a new Dell PC with Vista Home Premium.

I dont particularly want to install a copied XP onto a new system, I might just hold out and use the new speakers Im ordering (Aego M as you know) with the onboard sound card until I get an amp and standmounts..

Do you think there would be much difference between the Aego M and onboard sound compared to the Maudio card?

Its either Vista and onboard sound with the Aego M or a copied XP on my new PC with the Maudio 2496 and speakers.

What would you advise?

Are they releasing beta drivers for the card Im planning on getting?


Yes you should notice the difference between onboard and dedicated, I can. I would have a play with Vista, if you don't like it (resource hungry, bad hardware support) get XP. It's not your fault it's bundled with a OS you might not want.

M-Audio don't release info about driver updates, heard nothing about Revo beta until I checked the site.

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