Matrix SE anyone ???



just spent an enjoyable couple of hours watching the matrix for about the eleventy first time !!!!

whats the betting that next year, just before the next film comes out, there'll be an all singing all dancing collectors edition released with loads of new features

must admit - i'd LOVE to watch it with a sorted DTS soundtrack !!

Phil Hinton

Staff member
There are many rumours regarding some Se releases next year, these inc a 5star version of Aliens,Alien,True Lies, & Titanic. there should also be some big discs from Warners, and hopefull a Matrix SE,although the R1 is very good as it is.

Squirrel God

Originally posted by THX 1138
a Matrix SE,although the R1 is very good as it is.
The R4 is just as good, if not better, so there :p

Not sure there's much left to put on an SE other than DTS to be honest .... We already have the Matrix Revisited disk, and the boxsets containing that disk and the movie disk, plus postcards etc.


some of the potential big releases (aliens for me) sound great! The matrix has always disappointed me a bit.......the lobby scene which so many love has always come across as a sonic mess to my ears.......then again, maybe thats my system at fault! Nonetheless, i'd like dts


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