Matrix, Exit Wounds

Peter Shilton

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As I have just got my new speakers etc I thought I would watch Exit Wounds and give them a run out.

in the scene where Segal throws the vice president off the bridge, at the point he pulls up in the yellow van there is some shouting. I cannot hear any dialogue at all over the noise of the explosions etc. Now I know in "real life" you wouldn't be able to hear above the noise, the dialogue seems as though it should be heard. Has anyone heard this?

In the lobby scene in the Matrix (does anyone remember this scene!!!!) the music and front speaker action is very muffled, most of the "clear" sound appears to eminate from the surrounds. Is this as the producer intended?

In the next scene (dodge this) the dialogue is not sharp after the helecopter pilot saying " we are under at" and the "tack" tails off.

Is this how it should be?

I need to know whether my settings are wrong or if this is how the director intended it.

Thanks. I'm wondering if this should be in the speakers section or the DVD section.


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Turn the centre speaker down a bit, and turn up the rear ones, that should sort it out.

Peter Shilton

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The rears were up to maximum anyway. I know they shouldn't have been but when you have new surround sound speakers you have to impress the wife!!!

In the Matrix the sound from the rears was fantastic. it was the muffled fronts that were the problem.

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