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Matching TV to Sony DVD

Discussion in 'Sony TVs Forum' started by deeplyblue, Jun 9, 2005.

  1. deeplyblue

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    Jan 28, 2005
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    There was a time when I thought that you just got a lead and linked your DVD player to your TV and that was that. Then I discovered that there's more than one type of SCART, and you have to know what sort you're using and tell your DVD. And then I heard the fateful word "Component", and then someone said, "he doesn't know his DVI-D from his DVI-I" and life got just too complicated.

    So now I'm looking at from the other end, instead of asking, "What connections does the TV have?", I want to know, (a) what connections can I use? and (b) what other connections do I really need to keep future options open?

    What I have is a Sony RDR-HX1000. (I chose it for the size of the hard drive). As far as I can tell from the handbook it has 2 SCART sockets - 1 of them goes out to the TV and the other is the input from the Freeview box. What sort of SCART they are, I don't know - I'm not even very clear on what sort of SCARTs there are, and how they are ranked. There appears also to be 1 S-video out and 1 Component video out and "Digital out (coax/optical)", according to the manual.

    Judging by the DVI connectors on the backs of computers, it doesn't have one.

    There's aforementioned Freeview box (Grundig - might get replaced) and an old VHS player (needed for hundreds of videos).

    I don't have a Sky box, and don't expect to get one in the near future. Might get cable (since we already have cable broadband).

    A computer connection is also in the future, but the near future. I want to see my Virtual Planetarium on widescreen, and am thinking kindly of a PVR in my next new computer.

    So, guys - what connectors do I need on a TV? :confused:


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