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I've made a long post elsewhere describing my speaker search.

Short version is that I'm down to two choices, each of which offer something I really like but are quite different from each other.

I'm currently considering

B&W CM2s front mains
B&W CMC centre
B&W 600 S3 rears

pros: highly detailed, wide soundstage, three dimensional quality, surprisingly low bass extension (CM2s), nicely controlled
cons: (possible, haven't had more than a couple of hours with them) brighter than what I'm used to (though unlike other "bright" speakers I've auditioned, not harsh after 5 mins.) and therefore could become fatiguing

Paradigm Monitor 5s front and rear
Paradigm CC-370 centre

pros: nicely rounded mids and bass, nice detailing (not as pronounced as B&Ws), more familiar "warmth" (remind me of my old beloved Celestion DL6s), more affordable (at least in Montreal) tonal balance
cons: lack the precise clarity and imaging of the B&Ws

I was all set to go with the B&Ws as of last Friday night. However, the next evening, I spent 6 hours getting re-acquainted with my DL6s (haven't listened to them in 19 months, recently loaned to a good friend, have owned them since 1986) and concluded that what I really want to do is find three more DL6s and be done with it. Can't be done though. But it did put me back on the fence re: my two options above.

I know I could always go out and audition some more brands, though I've already spent time with over a dozen (including several series within several brands) and I may yet do that. Or I may just make my wife listen to each of the above and have her choose (I can just feel the collective shudder running through the forum) as she will also have to live with the choice, and I quite like each choice, for different reasons.

All of this to ask the following:
Does anyone have experience/opinion with either of the speaker sets (or portions thereof) with Arcam? Not that many people on this side of the pond are familiar with Arcam.

(Subs will be evaluated separately)
I can't really comment on your choice of fronts paired with Arcam kit but when I had my DM602 S3's they were a very good match. They were paired with An A75+ integrated amp (which I still have) and the cd72t cdp. They brought out the best in these speakers and did a good job of taming the B&W's brightness imo.
Have you auditioned any Linn speakers the Katans were very impressive imo and lead me to getting the Ninka's I currently have. Both the Katans and Ninka's are fully upgradable as you can bi-wire, bi-amp, tri-amp and make active with the addition of crossover cards. This gives you more scope later on to get the best from these speakers as you upgrade amplification etc. The Ninka's are a good match for arcam too imo.
Still the only way to judge if it's beneficial for your situation is to have a listen:) Nothing ventured and all that.

I'd definately check out the Linns if you haven't already:smashin:
Linns were available where I auditioned the B&Ws but they were budget busters. I'm already in enough trouble over the premium of the B&Ws over the Paradigms.

Thanks for the reply.
Go on it wouldn't hurt to listen to them:clown:

They look lovely and your wife might take a liking to them:D

makes spending the money so much nicer :devil:
Hi Ovation,

If you are in Montreal, I think you could do a lot worse than supporting the local economy by considering some Totem Acoustics monitors.

I read good things about them up here and they had a demo room in Bristol lrecently and they sounded superb. They are a serious consideration at the price they sell in the UK and I read on this board that they are a lot cheaper in Canada.
Use the search facility for Totem to read more about them.


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