Matching my speakers & cable/interconnect budgets.

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:hiya:Hi all, just joined and am expecting big things from the wealth of knowledge within these forums.

I've just got into Home Theater and as I was on quite a tight budget (who isn't at this time of year?) I decided to buy second hand.

I already had the Mission 702e's which I've always been happy with (I listen to dance music mainly as I also DJ at the weekends), so decided to pair them with some 701's to match and then came across a Cyrus centre for £65.

The cd player, amp, AV receiver, 701's, Cyrus centre speaker & B&W's have all been acquired recently on ebay and are all immaculate. Very happy about that.

Firstly, are the speakers listed a good match? I've read numerous times that you should aim to kee the front 3 from the sane manufacturer/range but does it really matter?
I'd also like to know whether or not I'll need a subwoofer as I like the amount of bass from the 702e's already. Do I need to mount the 701's on stands to get the best from them and how much should I be looking to spend on interconnects and speaker cables.

I already have some Chord Campana, QED Micro & 25th Anniversary Silver speakers cables (about 35m in length) but should I aim to use the same throughout the set up?

Thanks for reading.

Anthony :confused:

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Sorry folks, I forgot to add this equipment list!
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