Matching DVD and Amp for £200 suggestions?


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Nov 1, 2000
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None from me, the pioneer combo is pretty much the best you'll find for that kind of cash :smashin:.

Perhaps try a second hand Marantz SR4200 or Denon 1602/1802 (although they'll be difficult to find).
Cheers Dimmy, that was quick.

It's not for me so I want it with a warranty if poss and the Pioneer combo seems to be well liked.
Yes - if a warranty's essential I don't think you'll do better than the combo you suggested. It's a shame you missed the EmpireDirect offer, who themselves were offering Marantz SR4300 and Denon 1803s for £130 a few days ago, but they quickly ran out of stock.
Damn, hardly ever look at their website, oh well I will get the Pioneer combo ordered on Monday.

Look forward to hearing your thoughts on the 2011 when you get it and hope it gets rid of the sibilance prob.

Yes - I've got a few reviews to post soon me thinks :D.

Although it's looking probable that I'll sell the pioneer shortly after I buy it anyway, unless it really does agree with my speakers.

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