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Hi all, new here. Complete amateur to audio too. I can recognize a descending major or minor 6th within seconds, but electrical equations leave me clueless. That's why I'm asking for specific advice from one who understands it... I need to know how to buy a suitable receiver/amp (and speaker signal splitter too).

I'm just now in the process of having 6 in-ceiling speakers installed for 3 separate zones. The room isn't large (kitchen, dining, and LR all in one room, roughly 5x7m), but I want the option of listening to stereo from the kitchen, couch, or table. Not interested in cinema sound, only stereo.

For this purpose, I bought (and am having installed) 6 ceiling speakers from a reputable Czech manufacturer (Dexon), each with nominal power 50W and max power 100W and 8 Ohms. Mostly I'll be listening to only 2 spkrs at a time, but I'd like the option of turning 4 or all 6 on at once. The ceiling spkrs will be supplemented with a subwoofer (high level input) that's running whenever any pairs of ceiling speakers are running. I also have wires running to the terrace just outside the dining area, but without the help of the subwoofer.

Extra note: Speaker channel A will output into a splitter (link below) that will divide the signal into 4 zones. I don't know how that will affect the signal.

My questions (with thanks in advance):
1. What ratings do I need to look for in an amplifier? (again, only stereo HiFi, no surround sound or cinema sound here)
2. If I want to play all 6 speakers (or 8, if I add the terrace) all at once (hypothetically at this point), through the splitter, what will be my downfall?
The splitter I have in mind is an Artsound, Belgian made. Here's the link: - ArtSound

BTW, I can't purchase gear from the US or Canada, I live in Europe so I have to shop "locally". Especially now since the virus has limited trade across the borders.

Thanks in advance!! ~Bryce in Cesky Krumlov, CZ
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