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Im hoping someone can help me out. I really wanted to get a set of the gloss white Kef 3005se's and had my heart set on them. Ive since decided to add 2 extra speakers to my system in the way of height channels.

My problem is that I can only buy the white 3005se's in a box set and not single speakers.

Can anyone suggest a pair of white speakers which wont look out of place and produce a similar sound for the height channels?

I know i can go with the black speakers but im hoping I wont have to.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Because of the shape and style of them, I think whatever you choose might look a little odd. Have you thought about in-wall or in-ceiling speakers? Most of the KEF ones will utilise the UniQ design, and be discreet.


yeah I was thinking about in ceiling but im trying to only drop the ceiling by 4cm. The smallest i could find were 5cm and they were quite weedy.

Think I may have to go for the black speakers. Bit of a shame as they gloss white look pretty unusual.

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