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Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by eric pisch, Jan 9, 2008.

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    I currently have the following Monitor Audio Bronze Speakers

    Fronts - BR2
    Centre - BRLCR
    Side - BRFX
    Rear - BR1
    Sub - None, live in a terraced house :devil:

    I recently upgraded my yama AX750SE to the pio VSX-LX60 to get hdmi input/output (and it looks better :p)

    I am noticing alot more background sounds so I want to upgrade the fronts and maybe the centre. I would then move the BR2's to the Rear.

    Q1) Will RS6's fit in fine with the above or will they be "out of balance" / "over power" / "dominate" the rest of the speakers

    Q2) Will the BRLCR be ok with the RS6's as i only have 180mm shelf space and the RSLCR wont fit, is there an alternate centre speaker of similiar quality that will fit? (6 ohm, black case)

    Q3) im assuming the and rear BR2s and side BRFX will be ok?


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