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Is it just me, or do the greens at Augusta seem to have got ultra severe in the last few years? The course is obviously undergoing constant remodelling, but the greens in particular are so undulating that they don't seem to be rewarding good approach shots anymore. Indeed, a couple are so shallow, that it is an almighty task to hold it even from a 7 or 8 iron! :eek: The par 3 16th is also a monstrously hard green to hold... Allied to that, the fine cut and slopes by the water hazards in particular, and the course is a real brute now.
Is it a case of the Committee there not wanting the course to be "destroyed" by the players? I'd be interested to hear what any golfers amongst us think.....


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Agreed CFC, this is the most difficult Masters that I have ever seen. I do think that the committee are almost playing up to the stereotypical image of Augusta as having 'fast greens'. However, they are taking it too far this time.

As for me....I would shoot sub-70 every time, no problem :rolleyes:

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