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Hi, my Sagem DLP45S blew up two weeks ago, mastercare came out to look at it and said it was the bulb and that he would order a replacement. The set was only six and a half months old and has done around 2000hrs, we also complained about the fan noise, but anyway we were not very impresed with this engineer who said that he had'nt worked on one of these tv's before. Off he went, and three days later we got a phone call from Mastercare saying they will need to call and pick it up and take it away for repair, which they did, not wrapping t up very well neither. We were told that if it is not back with us in full working order within 28days from first complaining that we can go back to Currys and ask for a replacement, has anyone else ever done this ? if so how successful were you ?


It is generally standard to expect a repair to be carried out within a suitable length of time obviously Mastercare are deeming 28 days a reasonable time scale to have the repair completed. I would monitor this if I was you - I know that the copany I work for hold a similar policy although I don't work in the retail industry - this is all about the Contract of sale and Warranty T&C's


I had exactly the same set and it broke down after two months, an engineer called and did nowt, then they took it away and a week later said they were ordering parts, a week after that they sent a letter saying that they couldnt repair and tat if i went to the store they would replace it, that model wasnt available anymore and they suggested another. At the time i thought that noone would stock it anymore, this is incorrect. Be sure to ask for a cash refund if they dont have the exact same set, if you have given them an oportunity to repair or replace and they cannot then u r entitled to a refund. i WISH ID DONE THIS AS THE SET IS AVAILABLE IN ABOUT FOUR OTHER PLACES AND IN MY OP' is the best DLP out there, hope this has been of some help.

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