Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World (Zavvi Exclusive) (Blu-ray Steelbook)


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Purchase link: Zavvi

Release date: 18/09/2017

Status: OOS/OOP



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Jim Di Griz

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Now that's a nice steelbook. Trouble is, that disc needs a remaster and this is bound to be the old disc.


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Now live (link in OP) though you'll have to wait until price is fixed.

Edit: Now fixed.

Code currently working!

1) Put the item in your basket
2) Click this link HERE
3) Input this code: WELCOME346
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Pics (thanks to Headhunter)
Gloss finish. Looks classy, I like it.



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Jim Di Griz

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That's a lovely steelbook alright. Might spring for this when it gets reduced. I have kind of gone past caring whether things sell out or not.


Thanks for the head up its one of the best surrounds I had on DVD, really made you feel the ship was all around you when below decks.

Jim Di Griz

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nice one,if it does get a 4k release ill just stick it in this.

Jim Di Griz

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Received mine this morning...
This is a beautiful steelbook and i love the sharpness of the text...
Text on the spine is also sharp and aligned perfectly :smashin:
Probably my favourite steel this year.

PS: Looks sold out (for now)

Good to hear. Just praying my one isn't dented. I liked the look of this one as soon as I saw it but I knew it would be reduced quickly. Great film.


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Picked this up myself £7.99 (great price) as i really enjoyed the movie at the cinema, excellent sound mix i have ta say & a very nice steelbook.

Jim Di Griz

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Picked mine up - mint. Really pleased with it. Nicest steelbook in a long time and thats how you do art for a steel - not more disembodied faces around the centre!

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