massive bath towels.....where can i buy


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silly question I know
where can I get a huge bath towel/sheet

most seem to be 6 foot (180 cm) x something random,

any idea where I can get a bigger one for, the only one I have seen is about 30 quid...

the bigger the better, but not silly sizes please... the missus wants a bigger one so to speak, and I cant find any :)


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Silly question, why does she need a bigger towel, I will understand if I get no reply.

yep, I know its daft
she has one which is stupidly big, its far bigger than me and im 6 foot 2

its had better days, and she wants it replacing - she wraps it round herself god knows how many times when getting out of the shower, as it keeps her warm while shes doing her hair etc.

I spent a bit of time looking yesterday but work has been busy, i always joke that i will buy her practical things for Christmas (not a iron), so i intend getting her a replacement towel, and wrapping a few other items in it (when i have wrapped that), because jewellery etc is blatently obvious, so it will disguise it so to speak

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