Massive Attack - 100th window


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One Massive Attack title I've not seen here is Massive Attack Vs Mad Professor, and mad it certainly is!

It's really remixes of previous songs and all wierd but all very inspiring. I have a feeling only diehard fans will like it, like me :)

I agree that Mezzanine was their peak.


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Mezzanine is probably my favourite album full stop,never mind favourite MA album;)

I think 100th window does get better after a few listens,but still doesnt come close to Mezzanine:nono:

Apparently Daddy G is back in the studio with 3D working on the upcoming Danny the Dog project:confused: due out some time the end of this year.

God knows when they are gonna finish LP5 but probably gonna be close to 2010(not a joke:suicide: )

Shame they havent released a dvd of the live "homecoming"gig they did in Bristol last year:(

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