Mass storage - Rapsody S25 or Apacer Steno


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Never seen these before.I wouldent mind knowing too if there any good.So i take it you can put any size hardrive into 1 of these.


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I can recommend the Apacer Steno CD211/CD311 although I believe these are now discontinued.

They were very hard to get hold of in Europe particulary once Expansys stopped selling them.

A few forum members, including me, bought the bare chassis from the USA and put our own 2.5" drive in it - this was the best way to avoid import duty as the seller shipped by UPS/Fedex so there was a greater risk of having to pay than with normal post.

The supplier was -
and they still sell similar units but I can't vouch for any of them.

What made the Apacer Steno great was USB2 OTG (on the go) capability. It's limitations were having to have 32MB partitions and being restricted to short file names.

For more info on the Apacer Steno use the forum search feature to look for threads with Apacer Steno in. One of the first few threads it will bring back is the "80MB of storage" thread about 6 pages long. Worth a read for background.

If you are after an Apacer Steno you may find your best bet is ebay.


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