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Mass Scart Switching

Discussion in 'Cables & Switches' started by Cyber Axe, Jan 6, 2005.

  1. Cyber Axe

    Cyber Axe

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    after recently finding out about RGB and its superior quality over Composite back in october i went and bought RGB cables for all my consoles and stuck them into my multi scart adapter however anoyne whos tried this should know of the problems of having an x-box gamecube ps2 dreamcast saturn and n64 all hooked up at the same time since then ive been looking for some form of smart scart thing that blocks other signals and so forth

    i am thinking of getting this http://www.audiovisualonline.co.uk/...b-digital-audio-vivanco-sbx-95se/display.html (eventually 2 since i will be getting a freeview soon and want to hook up a video and possible future consoles)

    can anyone recommend this? or possibley something just as good but cheaper?

    i was oriognally tihnking of getting the "AV Auto Selector" from here http://www.brymar.co.uk/acatalog/AV_Scart_Switching_Controllers.html however ive not been able to find it anywhere else on the net.

    help! :lease:

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