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Mass loading MS Avant floorstanders


Standard Member
Hi All

2 questions really, will i get any significant benefit from massloading my MS904 Avants? and how much of the chamber do I fill with sand - half, third, two thirds??

I want to get a bit more bass from my fronts, but I do not want to sacrifice quality. I do not want the sound to be compromised. I was in sevenoaks the other day, and the guys there suggested that mass loading would indeed tighten the bass, BUT that the result may not sound better than before.

Mentioned something about reducing the volume of air in the chamber, thus reducing the amount of bass produced.

:rolleyes: Not sure about this guys, what do you think? Will it be bebneficial or not? Any views?
and if I do go ahead, do i half fill the chamber, or what?

Cheers in advance :smashin:

Cheers guys

Ed Selley

Hi-Fi Editor
The results generally are beneficial at tightening up the low end although the sevenoaks chaps are pretty much correct that it doesn't increase the amount of bass per se. Try half loading the chamber with dry sand or iron filings and then experimenting from there.


Standard Member
Cheers Tons :smashin:

I think I'll try that this weekend. Being a MS man yourself, have you ever mass loaded the avant floorstanders?

As you will know, the hole at the back of the chamber is quite small, what is the best way to go about it?
Should I put a plastic bag in the chamber first, and then gradually pour the sand in?
Any suggestions of a better way, anyone?

Sounds like it could get a bit messy! :rolleyes:


I am also thinking of massloading my 906s. Not sure where to get the best cheap materials from though? Could be a trip to the beach!

Ed Selley

Hi-Fi Editor
Or wet sand from any garden centre/ builders merchant, dried in an oven.

I haven't mass loaded any of my speakers- I knew I would have to move them around again and was feeling weak.

dynamic turtle

Established Member
I think it's worth sacrificing a little bit of the low-end in order to make the bass tighter/faster.

Also, it helps to reduce boxiness and cabinet colouration a little.

I have mass-loaded my floorstanders with iron fillings (though dry sand is supposed to be superior - more "acoustically dead" than metal apparently).

I also have 15KG square weights on top of each speaker - with speaker foam inbetween the weights to help absorb vibration (not the thing to do if you have kids running around, btw).

The improvements in my case were massive. The R2's (being a budget design) have no internal bracing and really benefited from top-to-bottom stabilisation.

I would imagine that mass-loading and top-loading would have less effect on more expensive floorstanders - which if properly constructed, should have very strong cabinet bracing.

Also, Tons, can you get me a pair of Performance 6's half price? ;)


Ed Selley

Hi-Fi Editor
dynamic turtle said:
Also, Tons, can you get me a pair of Performance 6's half price? ;)

Um..........no :p.

dynamic turtle

Established Member
What? Not even a Richer Sounds display pair that's had its tweeters pushed in :rotfl:

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