Mass Fidelity Relay Bluetooth DAC Review


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How much is this Ed? I've searched the article a few times and can't see a price mentioned. Apologies if I've missed it :)

Ed Selley

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£200 to you (although sometimes it seems to crop up for less).


Another audio only device posted in the video streamers section of the forum. Can we please stop posting in the wrong section as there is a dedicated audio streamer section that would be far more suitable for audio only devices than here.



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My son has bought a Mass Fidelity Relay, and although he doesn't experienced exactly the same problems with Bleutooth as I do with my V90-BLU, it's perfectly clear that bleutooth has his limitations as an audio connection. You can get CD-quality, but you have to remove, or turn off, all the WiFi and Bleutooth radio's in the neighbourhood. Otherwise the sound quality will be influenced in a negative way.
No problem when listening to 128kbps MP3's, but with better material you have to keep this limitations in mind.

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