Masking solutions for an electronic screen?


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Any masking solutions for an electronic screen?
I'd like to convert 16:9 to ultrawide for cinemascope films.

I've sorted out the bottom end. Basically just stuck black velour on the white bar at the bottom. Now its perfect. I use the remote to move the scren up during 16:9 films and it completely eliminates dark grey bars to dark black.

The problem is the top where I still have a big chunky dark grey and the screen material

My screen is this one:
except it had a white bottom.

any suggestions?
The best thing I could think of myself is...

I think the casing is metal. If its metal, I can buy 2-3 ultra strong magnets and attach stings to the bottom of them with another magnet.
I can then purchase a thin piece of rigid plastic for the length of the screen and cover it with velour. I can then place hook at either end of the plastic and let them simply click onto place on the magnets suspended by the string. When I want to take it down, just detach the magnet.
I'll paint the magnets black and use black string so its somewhat subtle and make sure they're disguised as best is possible.

Thats the best I can think of. Has anyone got any better ideas please?

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