Marvel's Spider-Man (Disney XD) Animated

Well that's an other on my not to watch list, Scorpion I thought was Rhino in a green costume there for some reason for a couple of seconds.
I cant think of a decent Marvel cartoon since The Avengers : Earths Mightiest Heroes.
And the Spider-Man got progressive worse since.
pitched for their kids demographic, even they might dislike it

Seems since Disney took the helm of Marvel Cartoons they really made them childish. I take it The Avengers Earths Mightiest Heroes had already been planed when they took over and missed by many. Although Marvel made some crappy ones in the past.
The cant even get their continuity with the cartoons and the films. In the The Avengers now they have Scott Lang as Ant-Man and he is credited as being the scientist that created all the scientific stuff. Even in the films they credit Hank Pym with the inventions.
One of Spider-Man Disney made earlier.
‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’ will premiere at 7 AM ET Saturday, August 19
In this iteration, Peter Parker (voiced by Bread Winners‘ Robbie Daymond) is a student at Horizon High, a high school for young and gifted scientific minds. As he struggles to balance his social life and secret identity, he also has to worry about keeping best friend Harry Osborn (Transformers: Robots in Disguise‘s Max Mittleman) from getting into too much trouble. Patton Oswalt (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) provides the voice of Uncle Ben; Scott Menville (aka Full House‘s Duane) is the voice behind the sinister Doctor Octopus. Additional villains will include Vulture, Lizard and Sandman.

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The first part of a series of shorts that retell Peter Parker’s Spider-Man origin story in six parts will launch one per day on Disney XD and Disney XD’s YouTube channel from July 24 to July 29 :laugh: this short provides an opportunity to revisit how it all started

the full launch of Marvel’s Spider-Man will be on Disney XD from August 19
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'Spider-Man' Season 2 Premiere Date, Guest Stars Revealed
The new season premieres on Monday, June 18th with a one-hour episode, set to turn the young superhero's world upside down

The series will welcome new actors including the stars of the Disney Channel original movie Descendants such as Booboo Stewart and Sofia Carson, NASCAR driver Ryan Blaney, as well as Teala Dunn and Nathaniel Potvin.

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