Marvel's Agents of Shield - Final Season 7 (TBC)


I dont think any of us is bothered so long as they pick up season 2 of Batwoman :rolleyes: :rotfl:

In a pigs  eye ........gif


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#10 Stolen

A highly entertaining episode

May vs the late Bill Paxton* :cool: * John Garrett impersonated by his son, James Paxton!

someone dies 😢

partly like the season finale of Dallas! 😁

Mission Fitz is on! I assume Sybil told Nath regarding finding him?

Mother & daughter time. Thought we were going full Destroyer of Worlds again :mad:

Calling.....Yo-yo Rodriguez
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Nathaniel is working out well as the baddie everyone hates. The actor is well cast, though can't see him not playing weirdos/psychos.

Latest Henstridge Zoom party ...
(inc the surprise guest this ep)

This might be amusing, haven't watched it in full yet ...

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#11 Brand New Day

Fitz flashbacks :cool:

Shield is looking like Beirut 😢

Die Hard :D

May your not against killing kids 👀 ooohh

Concludes next week with 2hr finale 😢


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#12 The End is at Hand
#13 What Were Fighting For

wow, twist, emotional 2-part finale, goodbye team 😢

James Bond! - not quite

Alway bet on The Cavalry :D

Unpredictable final - what they were fighting for!!....
FitzSimmons had a daughter called Ayla!

Connection to the Marvel films for the finale
Quantum Realm as Fitz returned from it!

At least give us a spin-off show, and see one through!
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Watched her reactions this season then soon unsubscribed. She's so fudgeing annoying. Pauses every 30 seconds and says "literally" literally all the time - just watch the fudgeing episode!!! Whiny millennial talking bollocks.

Long time fan of the work of the Blue Wave guys, who are now part of the DC Arrowverse (Eric and Aaron appeared on Legends), and have now managed to link themselves to the MCU ...

When Eric and Aaron joined the Arrowverse (for real @5m:20s, talk about it later @19m:25s) ...

Elizabeth Henstridge's finale watching party with several cast and crew, and then hundreds of fans at the end, blowing up Zoom!
- watching her videos each week has been quite informative about both the making of the show as well as their craft


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Currently, binge-watching Series 1 - 6 with my 12-year-old while I wait for this to come onto Disney. Literally googled 'next season agents of shield' this morning to see what I could find out. Can't wait. I'm a huge Marvel fan and have loved this show from the start. It has had it's 'rocky' seasons but has been worth sticking with. Currently on season 2 and thinking these are much better from what I remember of the later series but I guess I'll see. 12 year old totally hooked and I'm banned from watching it without him. lol.

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