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Marvel Ultimate Alliance - thoughts?


Standard Member
Morning all, bought this game on Saturday and im a bit dissapointed with it really - i just expected a bit more i suppose.

It seems like a really long game but it just seems cobbled together. The camera is shocking and the game just seems to judder along.

The graphics are rather bland looking as well. I noticed the frame rate improved ( a bit ) when i lowered the resolution but then the picture quality drops significantly.

Is this just a poor port of an already poor game or am i just expecting too much from it.

Also on a side note - how can you choose between 720p and 1080i without having to go into the settings and disabling whichever one you dont want to use?




Distinguished Member
I haven't played it but from everything I've read I suspect it is a poor port of an already poor game.

Regards the resolutions you can only change them in the settings unfortunately.


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It's the worst game that I have. Graphics are poor and the camera is awful at times. It's a lot worse than online reviews have reported.

COD3 and Fight Night on the other hand are better than reviews suggest!


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I imported US version a few month back & sold it on the same day it arrived on here. Thought it was complete pants, but got my money back for it anyway.

Avoid like the plague unless your into this type of game.
I havent played this for the PS3 but I actually liked the X360 version. I'm going to play it through again when the Hero and Villian pack finally gets released.


Standard Member
If i thought id be able to get my money back i would take it back, unfortunately i traded some games in for it at Blockbuster and im not sure if they have a returns policy for things like this.

Im sure they would take it back if it was faulty, but then they would probably just give me another copy of the same game!!

I couldnt decide between this one and Virtua Fighter 5, obviously made the wrong decision.


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