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I am thinking of changing my front and center speakers to Martin Logan Aeon and the Martin Logan Center. Has anyone got this set-up? What are peeples views....

My kit is:

Theta Carmen DVD / CD Transport
Lexicon MC1 processor
2 Audiolab 8000MX
3 Audiolab 8000SX (used for home cinema power - 1 center, 1 sides and 1 for rears)
Audiolab 8000T
Castle Howard S2
Castle Keep
Castle Richmond 3 (rears)
Mission 77DS (sides)
REL Q200


Charlie Whitehouse, Uncle Eric or Garmtz are the people that are more than qualified to tell you about the ML's.
Charlie is also a Theta owner.
I've personally never heard them.

They'll be in @ some point

Charlie Whitehouse


I'm not sure I can be too helpful here. I love Martin Logans, but you need to make your own mind up. Also I haven't actually listened to the Aeons, although I imagine they share the typical Logan sound.

One thing about all ML speakers is that they demand capable power amplification. I can't comment on your particular Audiolab amps, but I used to use an 8000P to power my two ML Sequel II's. Within three weeks of buying this amp, I traded it in and bought a Counterpoint SA1000/SA100 combo instead. The Audiolab could get sounds out of the ML's but it never sounded really happy driving them. The sound was always a bit closed-in and restrained. The Counterpoints (valve/mosfet hybrids, now sadly demised) had a higher current delivery capacity and really made a wonderful sound with the ML's. Tony, Kingsley or Fraser will be better able to advise you whether your amps will drive the Aeons happily. The design has moved on and they maybe more forgiving than my old Sequels. The acid test is to demo them with your own power-amps and see what you think.

You mentioned the ML Center. They actually produce 2, the Cinema and the Theater. I advise you to try listening to both to see which matches the Aeons better tonally. I have never liked the Cinema much personally, it sounds a bit too boxy for me, the Theater while a bit more expensive is a much better centre channel if you can stretch to it. With the bigger Logans, the Theater I think is a much better tonal match, but for the Aeons, the Cinema may work better. You need to decide.

The problem with all this is that if you like them you will inevitably have to replace the rest with ML's and find the space to house them all.

Which is another valid point. To get the best from these speakers, you need to be able to pull them away from any walls by 1.0 to 1.5m at least. They work best in larger rooms, but my own system is in a room that I consider far too small really, so it's not a hard and fast rule. You can get them to 'work' in smaller rooms, you just need to play about a lot more to get the best from them. ;)


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Thanks for that advice. I am planning on listening to them in the next couple of months - have to wait until budget allows!

I will report my findings after I have listened to them.

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