Martin Logan Odissey for Home cinema ?


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Nov 28, 2002
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Hi all,

I am more a stereophile than a home-cinema addict. But at the same time I am actually building a house and plan to put all my equipment into one dedicated space in the basement. That place will be soundproof and walls will be carpeted in black and so forth to comply with home-cinema requirements.
This will also be the place where I listen to stereo music.
I am planning on replacing my Linn Ninka front speakers with Martin Logan Odissey and buy 2 Elctrocompaniet AW-180 monoblock power-amps.
So my question is, does anybody knows how big electrostats speakers like these will behave in that kind of specific acousticaly treated environments ?

There maybe someone here who can help you but I'd suggest AVS Forum will be more forthcoming with assistance.

BTW are your Ninkas active? I demoed some passive a couple of weeks ago and will be trying them actively biamped tomorrow. The guys at the shop assure me making them active is a huge improvement.
You can go for it blindfolded. Making them active reaches bass levels you haven't dreamt of. And the purity of the transients and exactitude of the bass is overwhelming.
Really it worths every penny.
Get the optional foot plates for the ninka too, you'll be surprised.

Thanks for the tip.

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