Marquee PT22-22, P19LCP07, P19LUG modifications

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This is a copy of a post from "Erik John", Central Florida...........

DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK - Or buy Marquee specific tubes

This modification allows tubes that would normally be found in a Barco to be installed into your Marquee, 9 inch tubes this is.............

(OR look out for some 9 inch Marquee tubes :D )

The first pic shows a modified neck card for P19LCP07's and PT-22. Desolder and remove pin 6. Then drill out the hole so that the G2 lead will fit through with no problem onto the pin from the tube that will now protrude through the hole. Use porgressivley larger bit until you get to the size that is large enough. Then desolder the resistor R37 for added insurance.(This procedure is coursey of CMJohnson)

Pics two and three show the next step required to use a LUG in the Marquee. Desolder and remove resistor R38. Using a 1M 1/2W carbon resistor jumper from Pin 7 to the ground block as shown. You will have to scratch up the surface of the ground block to get solder to stick. I put part of the resitor through the hole that is there already. Solder the other end to the tip of pin7. Becareful not to get it too hot or you will desolder the pin from the board. The two things you need to keep in mind is:
1)Position the resistor so that you can still get the G2 lead onto pin 6 but so that it doesnt interfere with the tube center.
2)Make the lead from the resistor to the pin short enough that in can not be pushed over to ground block or it will take the resistor out of the circuit and in essence wil be a straight ground.


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