Marmite...Love it or Hate it?

Marmite....Love it or Hate it?

  • HATE IT!!

    Votes: 14 17.9%
  • LOVE IT!!

    Votes: 44 56.4%
  • Hate it but like Twigletty type things

    Votes: 8 10.3%
  • Don't mind it, but don't love it!

    Votes: 12 15.4%

  • Total voters


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I hate the stuff personally.

But strangely enough like things like twiglets. :confused:


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Love it, but only on toast :thumbsup:


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Hate it but will pick on some twiglets or alike if someone's got some open in the pub,. I don't especially like them, my hand just likes to keep feeding my mouth every so often. I would NEVER buy any though

I nearly killed a ex-girlfriend with marmite once. Or at least you would think i did the way she went on. How am i supposed to know you don't have it an inch think?


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Love it.

My favourite is a cheese and marmite sandwich.
Hate the stuff, and if I wanted to chew on Twigletty type things then I would go gnaw on a tree in my back garden, cause lets face it wood tastes better than the things they sell in the shops as 'snack' food !!



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I'm sure this has been done before, but just to re-iterate -

(1) I LOVE Marmite...............

(2)..............but detest twiglets.

(3) All this "spread it thinly" stuff is nonsense. I usually get about 8 sandwiches or slices of toast out of a '25 serving' jar.......:smashin:


I like marmite with peanut butter on toast, unfortunately it has a very low WAF.


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I love it but prefer vegimite. Can't stand the twiglets things.


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Water biscuit - spread marmite really thinly - add a thin slice of cheshire cheese.
Absolutely fabulous.


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yum yum :)_


It's good for the inside of gutters....:devil:

But i like twiglets...:eek:


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I've never ever seen so many Marmite lovers in one place, heathens!! :D


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Kazman said:
I've never ever seen so many Marmite lovers in one place, heathens!! :D
I reckon we need to somehow bring a marmite theme to the AVforums room at Bristol next year in honour! :D

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