Marm ... ite, or marm ... alade?

Which do you prefer on toast?

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Wife just snaffled my toast, which had marmalade on it. Said she'd have preferred it with Marmite (which makes me want to hurl!). So, cue for a pointless poll.

You know the drill by now ...


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shadowritten said:
Said she'd have preferred it with Marmite (which makes me want to hurl!).
You know that scene in Big where Tom Hanks trys the Caviar? Well, that's just how I feel about Marmite.


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krish72 said:
just a tiny brush of marmite on buttered toast is perfect :smashin:
"Tiny brush"??? - NOOOOO!

I generally get about 8 slices of toast worth out of a"25 serving" jar - you're clearly not trying!! :D


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I can't stand marmite.

Proper marmalade is delicious, but most of the stuff you buy in shops is crap. My father makes his own, and it's gorgeous. Really easy to make, too - just requires a bit of patience, some seville oranges, and no sense of smell while it's cooking. :)


Niether, I prefer Nutella. :)

Marmite is nasty stuff and maralade is ok but I wouldnt go out and buy the stuff.


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Peanut butter my favourite but marmite if I've got a hangover :D


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Marmite, yes.
Lime Marmalade, yes.
Bovril, yes.
Vegemite, yes.
Fish Paste (south african achovy spread, nothing like is available here), yes.
Edit - add:
Nutella, yes, I love the stuff.
Honey (creamed and normal with loads of butter), yes!

Guess I am just a bit of a toast slut really.


I cant belive no one has said Nutella but me. :confused:

ush flynn

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lime marmalade i completely forgot about that thats good stuff
occasionally like a bit of ginger preserve too!
gettin posh now

marmite is dirt


Lawrenzini said:
nutella just doesn't go on sandwiches. On it's own it's lovely, but as a spread... hmm...

Nutella can be used any where :devil:

Nutella sandwiches were a fav when I was a kid. Fresh white bread and thick choclate.... Mmmmmm:clap: :clap: :clap:


Lawrenzini said:
It's a good job that Dr. Gillian Mchorriblewoman never came to your house.

I wouldnt put Nutella on mutton. :D


;) :D

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