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Hi everyone,

I am in need of some advice to help sort out a little problem I've got with a recent Marketplace download.

About 2 weeks back I purchased Beyond Good and Evil HD through Xbox Live on the internet via my computer for the bargain sum of 240 MS points. When I downloaded it to my Xbox last night, to my annoyance, I discovered it was only the demo I got and not the full game I had already paid for. Has this happened to anyone else?

So my question is, how do I get the full game I'm entitled to? If I was to unlock the full game through the demo would I get stung for 800 MS points which it's going for at the moment? Or will I have to try downloading the game again and hope I get the full thing this time? Just what exactly am I supposed to do?

Any help with this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. :)

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Thanks for replying pixelpixel. :)

My download history states 'arcade game' for Beyond Good and Evil, so why then did the demo download to my Xbox? I'm worried if I try to download again, which if truth be told I don't have the bandwidth for, it will just do the same thing.

Any thoughts?


Go to your download history on instead as it's more detailed. Click "Account" under your avatar, then "Purchase History" on the next screen, then "Arcade Game" from the menu on the left. If the game shows up in that list, then you definitely purchased the full game and you can queue it up there.

The next place to check is under your billing history. Click on "Account" again, then on the next screen click on "Billing History", then on that screen click on "Microsft Points". This will show all of the purchases you've made using MS Points and you can filter by month.

If the game shows up in neither of these places, then you must have downloaded the demo by mistake. If it does show up in these places, but when you download the full game it's still showing as a demo, you'll need to call Microsoft's support line.


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Nice one Deej, didn't realise you could filter 'bought' stuff, will need to check that out as I'm sure I'm missing some arcade games... Although the 40 odd that I have should really do me lol

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@ DJSigma - Thanks for your reply. :)

I checked both of the lists you mentioned and BG&E comes up under both stating 'arcade game', so that's a relief. Now then, should I add the game to my download queue through my Xbox Live account online and then download it on my console, or should I just select download again on my Xbox? I ask because I don't want a repeat of last time. If I'm going to have to fork out for additional bandwidth just for this download I want to make sure it goes right this time.

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So I've finally got some available bandwidth to attempt a second download of BG&E HD again. The trouble is when I go to download it on my Xbox it tells me the game is 'assigned to another console'. I remember getting this message last time as well. I suspect if I was to go ahead with the download I'd just get a repeat of last time and get lumbered with the demo again.

Question. If I was to register my current console would I then be allowed to download my game?

I'd really appreciate anyone's help with this.


You can assign 1 console to automatically download content that you queue up via If you own more than 1 console or you've replaced your console for whatever reason, you may see that "assigned to another console message". You can change the default console for automatically downloading content like this: -

1. Queue something up via
2. Sign into Live on the console you want to be the default console and go to the download queue
3. Select the item that's queued as it's assigned to another console and press A
4. You then get 2 options - "Download this item only" and "Download all items" - choose the latter

The "Download this item only" option will start that piece of content downloading, but it won't change your default console for downloads.

The "Download all items" option will start that piece of content downloading, and it will select the console you're currently using as the default for all future downloads, so the downloads will start automatically on that console from then on.

If you use multiple consoles or change consoles again in future, you can run through the above options any time you like to choose which console is the default for automatic downloads via

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Many thanks for your reply, DJSigma. I really appreciate you sharing such helpful information with me. :)

Those steps you mentioned worked a treat. :smashin: I managed to successfully download the full version of BG&E HD on to my Xbox last night and mighty pleased I was about it too. :D Just wish I'd known what to do the first time around. Oh well, you live and learn, eh?

Thanks again fella. :thumbsup:
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