Mark on sensor - doesn't look like dust?


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I've got some random marks I sometimes see in images, especially when on "grey" that can be quite hard to clone out. It doesn't look like dust marks and they are in two different places...only thing I can think of is that they're hairs or they're actually burnt on to the sensor. Whats peoples views and experiences before I go sending the camera off to Sony...

Both 100% crops:






How are you taking these shots ? - with or without lens ? (if the latter is even possible....) and are the in a fixed position with each shot ?



You need to use a prime lens (say a 50mm) and adjust to minimum aperture (f/22 - f/32) and find yourself a clean white surface or a nice bit of blue sky and takes some frames (use flash if necessary).

The blob you're looking at will become much more defined, so you'll be able to tell what it is, though my untrained eye suggests that it's a hair or fibre on the second image, though it was taken @ f/13. If you took it at say f/5.6, it'll look more blurry. Also check the elements at both ends just to be sure there's nothing on the lens.

First image was @ f/11, so no real definition. Go through the motions, and check back with us. It would be helpful if you posted 100% crops of the affected areas and/or a full size image somewhere online.

If it is a hair or fibre, you can easily DIY by buying a SensorKlear Lenspen II and Sensorklear Loupe which is a dry method for removing hairs, dust and fibres. Check on YouTube for it and you'll see how easy it is to do. The alternative will be a wet clean (fluid and swabs available from or Digipads on evilBay) in conjunction with a dry 'tidy up' around the sensor edges using the Sensorklear kit.

The alternative is to take the camera body + prime lens to Calumet and they'll do it for around £35.00 + VAT.

Do the marks appear on every image in the same place? If so, then it's definitely on the sensor. I would NOT recommend using a blower (you won't know where the hair etc will have gone and with out a loupe, you can't check the sensor anyway, thus it'll be guesswork and it's not worth guessing.
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