Mark Levinson No5909 Wireless Headphone Review & Comments


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Great review, Ed. Did you use the headphone with a wired connection?, and, if so, does the fundamental sound signature continue across used that connection? Can it be used passively?
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As a pedantic chemist, it’s lithium that has an atomic number of three. Beryllium has an atomic number of four. Oh, and if you are mentioning mass, you should use the mass number not atomic number, which in this case is 9!
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I didn't read the whole review as I'm not really interested in this type of product, but I thought the conclusion was a very well balanced piece of reviewing! Then I read some more and now I want to have a listen to a pair :-D


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Intrigued by these. I’ve come to realise wireless headphones enable me to listen to music far more than speakers ever will. Pretty happy with my B&W PX7, and I’m not sure these would be worth 4x the cost? Probably not. But cool nonetheless.


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You mentioned that the headphones use compression for 24/96 - I take it that is lossless compression? If so, it hardly matters to sound quality. Perhaps to battery life...


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And forgive me for being cynical, but ML is a high-end brand, there is simply no way they're going to do a pair of headphones for less than a high-end price.


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Also sceptical of Bluetooth headphones at this price point due to data compression (at least until aptX lossless Bluetooth codec is available)

If you are in the market makes sense to wait for reviews of this future release of another pricey BT set ->


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